Custom Steel Fabricators


Ceramic Technology, Inc. is an industry leader in designing and fabricating long-lasting, customized steel equipment for mineral, coal, and gold processing. Our many years of experience pay dividends in the reliability of our superior products. Since 1985, we have been designing and fabricating quality, long-lasting steel equipment that our customers rely on. Our ceramic linings can extend the life of equipment by 10-15 times over non-lined equipment, which reduces downtime and improves overall efficiency of operations. We're known for our innovative adaptations, including the CTI-X7® Sam-1 Static Screen, which is quickly becoming standard equipment throughout the coal industry. Our engineered, timely, and customized solutions make us a reliable partner in maintaining a high level of production.

Equipment made by our steel fabricators

Due to the increase in base petroleum products utilized to produce rubber and urethanes, we are now able to supply CTI-X7® Ceramic-Lined Large OD Pipes, which are a much better performing standard as to Carbon/Ceramic, Stainless/Ceramic, and Stainless Alloy Ceramic. The ratio payback of 20:1 is very attractive on high wear items and rapid replacement segments. 

Features & Benefits of the CTI-X7® Ceramic PipeFeatures & Benefits of the CTI-X7® Ceramic Pipe

  • CTI-X7® can supply ceramic designed systems and custom stainless steel fabrication which can be engineered to meet demanding operational and environmental standards.
  • Results in rapid payback and increased plant performance. In many cases will outperform unlined pipe by a 20:1 ratio.
  • As stainless steel fabricators our engineering and rapid 3D modeling will define the fabrication's accuracy; review with plant engineers to coordinate just in time delivery and support installation.
  • Design impact sections to dissipate high volume flows and connect to different schedule pipe. 
  • Eliminate chance of spills.
  • Increase maintenance performance and installation cost. 
  • No leaks or premature blow outs; keeps operations clean in effort to keep state and federal inspectors at bay.
  • Eliminates fire hazards that require special set ups in reference to rubber lined pipe. 
  • Supports a safer and more efficient operation.